Tuesday, June 19, 2007

Goal - Manage digital pictures

Okay - I'm a little behind, but I'm going to catch up this week. I've decided that my goal is going to be managing digital pictures. I have a good digital camera, I upload great pictures (of course they're great, 'cause 99% of the pictures are of my kids) onto my computer at home and there the pictures sit. When I looked at my Mom's photo album last week (she has a "grandma' brag book album") I noticed that the last picture of Alex was from his kindergarten picnic (he's now finished 2nd grade, heading into 3rd). Obviously, I got my digital camera 2 years ago and I haven't printed a picture since.

To make it worse, I have dial-up at home, so I can only e-mail pictures to my out-of-town brothers one or two at a time. I'd love to figure out how to share them with my brothers and their families, look at their pictures and how to use an on-line service to get the pictures printed out for my Mom.

Flickr, here I come...

Wednesday, June 13, 2007

Here I Am

My very first blog at the Tech Fair!